Tooth Pain Tarzana

Toothaches are experienced by almost all patients and it is something you need to learn how to treat. Toothaches can be minor or severe, depending on the source of the pain. These problems can make eating or speaking difficult.

Tooth pain in Tarzana is caused by factors such as injury, infection, bruxism or teeth grinding, and fractures. They can also be caused by cavities, which points to low quality oral hygiene.

Dr. Zargarpour will use the latest technology to diagnose the tooth pain and identify the primary source of the problem. He uses advanced digital x-rays that provide detailed images of the teeth. Dental lasers can help identify developing cavities even at their earliest stages.

Tooth pain depends on the extent of the damage and source of the condition. If there is a cavity, a tooth filling will be used to replace the lost enamel. Damaged teeth can be treated with porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

Evaluating the cause of toothaches can help in preventing them from appearing in the future. If bruxism is the primary cause, oral appliances such as night guard can be worn to prevent any damage. Practicing good oral hygiene can prevent cavities and minimize the risk of toothache that result from these problems.

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