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A sudden dental emergency is a serious matter. This can occur through tooth loss, infection, decay, trauma, or damage. The most concerning aspect about this problem is the excruciating pain that you may experience. Our emergency dentists Dr. Siavash Zargarpour is experienced in managing critical dental cases such as these.

We are a well known dental office in our community, established over 30 yrs ago. We can handle all dental emergencies and get you out of pain ASAP.

Call our EMERGENCY number now (818) 649-9554   and we will arrange to see you in the office ASAP. During after hours, Dr Zar will meet you at our office within an hour or less.”

We specialize in numerous areas of dentistry that can resolve any problem that affects your smile. These include tooth extractions, root canals, bonding, bridges, dental implants, and more. Our concern for your teeth is what drives us to invest in the most advanced technology and practices to dramatically improve the health of your smile.

Professional treatment is the only remedy at your disposal if you are experiencing a dental emergency. Call Emergency Dentists of Tarzana so you can see us immediately.

Dental Implants

Dental emergencies can frequently result in the loss of a tooth. At Emergency Dentists of Tarzana, our dental implant procedures are personally . With our extensive experience in this field, we provide effective and durable dental implants that can sustain your smile for a number of years!

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentists of Tarzana provides effective care that addresses the most sudden dental problems. Our expertise centers on the treatment of emergency dental cases. These problems occur after initial external damage or severe gum disease. We provide the solutions that can address sudden tooth pain, gum disease, and enamel damage. Our expertise can also help you learn more about at-home practices to manage the initial occurrence of a dental emergency.

Tooth Extraction

For the most critical dental emergencies, we provide tooth extractions with the utmost precision and skill. Our experienced team have provided tooth extractions for decades, we offer various anesthesia options to shape your extraction into a quick and painless experience. The most accommodating and satisfying extraction procedures are at Emergency Dentists of Tarzana.


Josh P.

I had a severe disease that was threatening to affect my entire jaw, so I immediately called Dr. Zargarpour’s office for an extraction. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience from a dentist that what they had provided me. They knew what they were doing and provided many options to help me feel comfortable during my tooth extraction. They had a great staff that welcomed me and cared about my needs. If I ever need emergency dental work done, the office of Dr. Zargarpour is where I will be.

Hanna J.

I had a major accident that knocked my tooth out, which made me really scared about how my beauty was going to be affected. I went to Dr. Zargarpour’s office for dental implants – which was among the best professional experiences I have received. Based on what I knew about dental implants, I was bracing for a long and stressful procedure, but the doctors made the treatment feel as comfortable as a stroll through the park! I was delighted with the results and happy to be able to share a new smile with my friends. I am definitely calling myself a lifelong patient.

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Dr. Zargarpour obtained his DDS from the New York University School of Dentistry. Read more about his background here.

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