Patient Reviews

"Dr. Zargarpour hit the mark when it came to fixing my lost tooth. The office was pleasant to be around in and the staff were some of the friendliest professionals I have worked with. When it came time for the treatment, my confidence in them was proven with the amazing results I saw. I have definitely found my dentists for the future!"

Donald U.

"I suddenly lost my tooth while biting into a jawbreaker, which was definitely not good for my teeth. I paid the price for this through the constant pain and discomfort they were experiencing. Dr. Zargarpour is my local dentists who I always turned to for help. Thanks to them, they restored my teeth back to their proper feel and attractive look. They have taken care of my smile for years and I'm not planning on changing dentists any time soon!"

Marissa O.

"The disease in my tooth suddenly worsened and I was experiencing annoying pain around the area. It occurred in the worst moment because I was preparing for a recital. Friend recommendations brought me to Dr. Zargarpour, who I met with for an extraction. The treatment was much more comfortable than I thought and in the end, my new smile complemented my singing. I gladly thank these doctors and their wonderful team!"

Sara A.

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