Emergency Dental Care Tarzana

A dental emergency defines teeth problems that occur abruptly or are the result of physical damage.  Tooth loss, damage, decay, disease, and pain are commonly experienced under these conditions.

It is difficult to resolve these cases without the helping hand of a professional – Fortunately, the advanced skills of Dr. Daniel Teboul and Dr. Siavash Zargarpour are consistently centered on delivering prompt and effective care.

If a dental emergency is troubling your smile, then our various specializations can be the ideal solutions to help your cause.  From tooth extractions to dental implants, Dr. Teboul and Dr. Zargarpour are certified to provide numerous procedures that can deliver effective, safe, and timely results.

We also provide effective guidelines at managing the initial effects of dental emergencies.  Our expertise covers efficient and safe at-home practices that address the shock of a sudden problem.

Our team is available on any emergency basis to help you manage these unexpected occurrences. Our decades of experience in preventative care have enabled us to resolve numerous cases and provide our patients with happier smiles than ever!

If you’re looking for immediate care or effective dental emergency management practices, then call Emergency Dentists of Tarzana!

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